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  • 22 June 2006
    New newsletter! Plus, swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Hate Annual #6.

  • 27 April 2006
    New newsletter! Plus, swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Apocalypse Nerd #3.

  • 13 October 2005
    New newsletter! Plus, added some new interviews and swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Apocalypse Nerd #2.

  • 10 May 2005
    New newsletter! Plus, added a link to PODgallery over in the links -- go buy some Bagge posters from them right now. NOW!

  • 21 April 2005
    Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Hate Annual #5 (you can also see it in the gallery).

  • 15 February 2005
    New newsletter! Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to the first issue of Apocalypse Nerd (you can also see it in the gallery), and added the cover to Buddy Does Seattle.

  • 7 July 2004
    New newsletter!

  • 9 May 2004
    Spring cleaning! Updated and scrubbed the biography, bibliography, photos, links, journalism, and Hate pages. Hey -- before you go too far, check out the oh-so-swell The Scram Store at CafePress, featuring great stuff bearing art from Bagge, Clowes, and others.

  • 15 March 2004
    Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to the collected stories of The Bradleys (you can also see it in the gallery).

  • 22 February 2004
    Hot off the presses: the first mega-update newsletter on all things Bagge including Bat Boy, Apocalypse Nerd, The Hulk and much much more! Also swapped out the splash page so you can see Bat Boy in all his glory (he's also over in the gallery).

  • 13 December 03
    Woo hoo! Hate Annual #4 is now in stores! Here's a description, straight from the man himself: "Buddy gets fed up with the ups and down of being an entrepreneur and decides to opt for the security of a corporate job: driving a delivery truck! Also, Bagge's reporting from both the 2000 Democratic and 'Reform' party's respective conventions. Also, an embarrassingly honest appreciation of contemporary teen pop music, as well as a back-up story featuring Lovey."

  • 17 November 03
    Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Hate Annual #4 (you can also see it in the gallery). Also added a new link (to and a new interview.

  • 28 September 03
    Housecleaning, mainly. Updated the TV page, the interviews page, and the links page. Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Sweatshop #6 (you can also see it in the gallery). Also added a commission piece to the gallery

  • 28 August 03
    Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Sweatshop #5 (you can also see it in the gallery). Also updated PB's bio and added a new interview.

  • 29 July 03
    Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Sweatshop #4 (you can also see it in the gallery). Also added a new interview.

  • 23 June 03
    Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Sweatshop #3 (you can also see it in the gallery). Also added a new link to buy Sweatshop back issues.

  • 21 May 03
    Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Sweatshop #2 (you can also see it in the gallery).

  • 1 May 03
    Posted the second part of the Heidi MacDonald interview.

  • 29 April 03
    Posted a new interview to celebrate the release of SWEATSHOP.

  • 22 April 03
    Special Announcement: SWEATSHOP #1 in stores this month!

    The first issue of Peter Bagge's new comic title, SWEATSHOP, is shipping the week of April 21st, and should be in most stores by Friday, the 25th.

    SWEATSHOP is a new monthly humor title that savagely satirizes both the comic strip and comic book industries. It follows the misadventures of cartoonist Mel Bowling (the egomaniacal creator of the worst daily comic strip in the history of the world, "Freddy Ferret"), as well as the trials and tribulations of his staff of hapless assistants, each of whom has varied and conflicting career aspirations of his or her own. "Real life" cartoonists make occasional guest appearances as well, where they'll mix, mingle and suffer verbal and physical assaults by the SWEATSHOP cast. What fun!

    SWEATSHOP is published by DC, and is created and written by Peter Bagge, who also does some of the art. Also contributing to issue #1 are artists Stephen DeStefano and Bill Wray. Future issues will also feature contributions by Stephanie Gladden, Johnny Ryan, Jim Blanchard and Gary Fields.

  • 26 March 03
    Added a PB interview with about pop music in the interviews section.

  • 13 March 03
    Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to the highly-anticipated Sweatshop #1 (you can also see it in the gallery).

  • 4 March 03
    Check over in links for a great upcoming art show.

  • 11 February 03
    Added more Reason strips to the online comics section.

  • 21 January 03
    Updated the bio, added a couple of new links (including a new review), a character bio of Valerie, and some new Reason strips (over in online comics).

  • 14 December 02
    Another link to buy the Alien toys is over in merch, as well as new pix (you can also see 'em in the gallery).

  • 18 November 02
    Mmmmmmm... new stuff to buy. Head over to merch and look at the Japanese toys and Zippo.

  • 24 October 02
    New FAQ! New FAQ! Run over and check it out.

  • 17 October 02
    Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Hate Annual #3 (you can also see it in the gallery).

  • 3 October 02
    Added an interview over in interviews, and a new Reason strip in online comics.

  • 5 July 02
    New toys! You can check out the link to 'em in the merchandise section (or try links). Swapped out the splash page, too (you can also find this poster in the gallery).

  • 26 March 02
    Added a new chat over in the interviews section.

  • 26 February 02
    Replaced the splash page with an image of the cover to Peter's upcoming Spidey book just to whet your appetite (you can also see it over in the gallery if you're so inclined).

  • 19 February 02
    Updated a defunct link in the online comics section [thanks to Alan B for noticing].

  • 4 February 02
    This just in from Peter -- ComicBookResources has some dish on PB's Spidey book over here.

  • 21 January 02
    Added some Reason stuff to the online comics and links sections.

  • 11 January 02
    Made some misc changes to the homepage to make it more user-friendly.

  • 8 January 02
    Added a contact page because some folk were having trouble finding PB's e-mail address on the site.

  • 3 January 02
    A new Jimmy Foley character bio from Dan Butler may be found in the Hate section.

  • 14 December 01
    The Great Cover Project is underway! Pop on over to the bibliography and click on any red title to see a cover of that book. This'll take time, but the plan is to have *all* of Peter's covers online. So far: Neat Stuff #s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Also added some new links.

  • 6 December 01
    New interview: 'Hate Comic's Peter Bagge' by Chris Auman.

  • 26 November 01
    Check out the interviews section for a great interview with Darrell Epp from

  • 3 October 01
    The Murry episodes are here! G'wan over to online comics and take a look-see.

  • 2 October 01
    Recent updates from Peter: he did a one-page autobio strip for an upcoming issue of The Comics Journal, he's working on a comic strip version of Murry Wilson: Rock 'N' Roll Dad for Razor Magazine, the Spidey project's coming along nicely, and he wrote the introduction to Volume 6 of The Complete Crumb Comics (available, of course, from our pals at Fantagraphics). More on all of the above as details become available.

    And lest you think we've forgotten, you'll soon be able to watch the episodes of Murry Wilson (formerly housed at the now-defunct right here. Stay tuned!

  • 18 September 01
    Swapped out the splash page -- it's now the cover to Hate Annual #2 (you can also see it in the gallery.

  • 27 August 01
    Finally! A link to the first online version of Peter's feature for Reason is in the online comics section.

  • 30 July 01
    Lots of top-secret goings on, but PB doesn't want to jinx anything, so we have to keep mum. Meanwhile, go take a look at the album cover he did for the goth band "Curse". It's a brand spankin' new addition over in music.

  • 1 June 01
    Updated The Stranger article links in the journalism section. Thanks to Kevin Hobbs for noticing!

    THIS JUST IN! I've just heard from Peter that the rumors are true: he's working with Marvel to write a one-shot Spiderman story. Woo hoo!

  • 31 May 01
    Take heed! I've just heard that Peter's featuring his character "Lovey" in Tokion Magazine, a half-English, half-Japanese bi-monthly culture magazine. Rush to your newsstand or mega-book-mart. Pretty damn neat, if you ask me.

  • 17 May 01
    Updates to the bibliography and to the online comics section.

  • 16 May 01
    Nothing new to read, but some eye candy. Replaced the splash page with the cover to the brand-spankin'-new Buddy Bites the Bullet! (the cover's also available in the gallery)

  • 11 May 01
    New graphics on the homepage, and I'm waiting for some updates from PB. Stay tuned, monkeys. Also, added a new ad banner for our old pal Karl Wills.

  • 20 February 01
    New PB feature at entitled Tavern Turnover to the ever-growing list of online comics.

  • 12 February 01
    Big stuff in the works. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, added to links and an Agonizer Q&A to interviews.

  • 5 January 01
    Happy New Year, monkeys. New splash page of the cover to the upcoming Hate Annual #1 (also available in the gallery). More about the comic itself soon. Also updated the link to The Comic Book Factory over in links.

    Almost forgot! Peter also has original art for sale at The Comic Art Collective, another project of mine (you can also jump directly to Peter's art).

  • 21 November 00
    Added No More Hate: an interview with the sensitive and perceptive Peter Bagge to the list of interviews. It's a well-written and insightful interview conducted by the always-lovable Queen Itchie.

  • 21 November 00
    Added a great (and long!) piece from Scram magazine called Raiding Hannah's Stash: An Appreciation of late '90s Bubblegum Music over in the journalism section. Revel in it!

  • 17 November 00
    Check out online comics for new updates, or go on over to Suck and read "There she is ... the most resented woman in America", Peter's insights on the 2000 Miss America pageant (18 pages, funny as hell). Also, the new installment of 'The Shut-Ins' is available for your viewing pleasure.

  • 24 October 00
    Added a link to Peter Bagge's Record Covers (a Dutch fan site showcasing album covers drawn by Peter) over in the links section.

  • 11 October 00
    Finally! Peter's new Chet and Bunny Leeway strip, 'The Shut-Ins,' is alive and kicking at And it has a nifty thumb device. I love it. Can't wait for more (it'll be bi-weekly), and now I don't have to hate Adobe any more!

    Added the new online comics area to the comics section! Have a peek -- it's free comics, after all.

    Oh, and I also added the new "Pete's Picks" section to comics as well, so now you can read Peter's reviews of new comics! Sweeeeeeeet.

  • 22 September 00
    Two more Bagge Suck features to report (both political in nature. Go and learn something.):
    - Blah Blah Blah: Reflections on the 2000 Democratic National Convention
    - Egos a Go-Go (about the 2000 Reform Party Convention)

    Also, the fourth installment of Murry Wilson is up at Go and write some good feedback to Messrs. Bagge and Gould so they can keep making the series.

  • 25 August 00
    Do yourself a favor and go read I ♥ the Blob at, the EMP feature I told you about a few days ago. While you're there, might as well read Indy 2000 part 1 and Indy 2000 part 2, since I didn't tell you about them before. Think maybe it's time to create a new section of the site for online stuff? Me too. I'll get right on it.

  • 23 August 00
    Haven't gone to see the first episode of "Murry Wilson" yet? What did I tell you? Go. Now. It's at Reception's pretty good so far -- it's only 8:30 on the west coast, and already 20 responses have been posted on the messageboard about it.

  • 22 August 00
    Big week for Bagge! His new feature for, "Murry Wilson: Rock 'N' Roll Dad," developed with comedian Dana Gould (prediction: this will be cool as all get out). Go. Now. (Info alert: Wilson was the father of Brian Wilson, and former manager of the Beach Boys)

    And this Thursday, go to to read Peter's piece on Paul Allen's new EMP museum in Seattle. URLs as I receive them. And just for laffs, go look at a picture of Bagge fraternizing with the wife of Maakies and Sock Monkey creator Tony Millionaire.

  • 17 August 00
    Swapped out the splash page for a new one, and moved the old one to the gallery (if you'd rather see the new one without having to worry about being taken away from it, you can view it at your leisure on gallery page 12).

  • 13 August 00
    Finally added a real FAQ! Take a look and find out what you've always wanted to know.

    Also made note, though probably unnecessary, that this site ( is now Peter's official online home.

    In the Interviews section, added the Clint Corey interview and an article from Show Business Weekly called 'Poppa's Got a Brand New Bagge', as well as links to some great interviews at Sad Magazine and The Onion.

    Added some new links in the (you guessed it) Links section.

    Some of you may have heard that NextPlanetOver stopped holding auctions -- I'm checking with Peter to see if he'll be holding auctions elsewhere. Stay tuned.

  • 19 May 00
    It's here, it's here! Peter's Matrix strip is now available at Go dig it. And give much love to the Wachowski brothers (or at least to the geeks who run the site) for getting great comic artists to do Matrix strips.

    From time to time, Peter makes some of his art available in auctions at -- click here to view his current auctions.

  • 18 May 00
    Wicked cool stuff alert: Peter's feature on Presidential candidate Alan Keyes is available at Do yourself a favor and go read it. Great Bagge art, and well-written journalism. And pop culture fans rejoice, because Peter's strip for the Matrix site is supposed to go up tomorrow. Check other comics and the links page for more details.

    Added a new section called 'Journalism' in the 'Other Media' section, with links to some of Peter's writings.

    News on upcoming Bagge works: I just heard that Peter will have a 4-episode web cartoon called "Murry Wilson: Rock & Roll Dad" that should debut late this summer on Also, Peter's strip for should be up sometime in June and will have a fully animated introduction.

    Also, Peter and I are talking about a few changes to the site, so get your ideas in now if you want to shape the look/feel/functionality of this site.

  • 11 April 00
    Holy cow! I've really got to update this more often. Peter's up to a ton of stuff (still waiting on that Adobe feature, but there's a bunch more to come). Check out "The Heyday of the Hollies" -- a feature he just finished for mpop3. Links to it can also be found in the other comics section and on the links page.

  • 5 February 00
    Okay, so I'm a slacker. I just moved to San Francisco, so I've been offline for a while. I'm going to see Peter today at the Alternative Press Expo, which is in S.F. today, so I finally had to get his latest updates in order. First, in the other comics section there's now a link to Peter's feature on "The Infomercial Oscars." Peter also mentioned a few bits of cool and juicy info about what he's up to. To wit:
    - A bi-weekly Chet and Bunny Leeway strip will start appearing on Adobe.Com sometime in in Febuary 2000 (I'll link as soon as they get it together).
    - A cover feature profile about Peter will be appearing in the next issue of JUXTAPOZ Magazine (more on this as I hear it).
    - Peter and Gilbert Hernandez are negotiating with Will Smith's production company Overbrook over the TV rights to YEAH! (sweeeeeeeeeet).

  • 27 July 99
    Haven't been able to get much time away from the 'real' job ("sure, sure... we know"), but I was able to snag a pic of the cover to Yeah! issue 1 from Peter. Enjoy.

  • 22 June 99
    Finally! Loads of multimedia goodness. Per your requests, check out the five new mp3 files of Action Suits songs in the music section (and the new image from Rockin' Poppin' Favorites). While you're at it, stop by the TV section and take a look at the five QuickTime Round Table Pizza commercials designed by Peter.

  • 27 May 99
    Just a couple additions for you this time. Added a news Studs Kirby strip to gallery page 10, and added the first in an illustrious series of ad banners so you can link directly to this site. If you wanna, that is.

  • 19 May 99
    I'm the biggest slacker on the face of the planet. At least that's the excuse I'm giving everybody whose mails I haven't responded to yet. I promise I'll get to you as soon as I can. Meanwhile, I've added a few more images to the gallery (pages 8, 9, and 10, for instance), added more to the other comics section (page 3,specifically), and added an image to the press release for The Bradleys.

  • 30 April 99
    It's not really an update, but since some of you have been asking to see stuff from Yeah!, I thought I'd add a pointer to the other comics page, where you can see some art from the first issue and where I'll add more info as soon as I hear anything (the art actually lives in the gallery, page 6, but the info about it will be in 'other comics'). I also resubmitted the URL to Lycos, AltaVista, and Hotbot, and added a link to a site with some images of Peter's work.

  • 29 April 99
    Okay, so it's been forever since I did anything here, but I'm finally adding some of the stuff I've been saving up for you while I was away. I've added a couple of links, and updated the DiRt interview to reflect the fact that mikE Everleth conducted it (thanks, mikE).

  • 11 April 99
    Added a section of pictures of/involving Peter. Added new pages to the gallery. Added another page to the other comics section. Added a couple of scans of Action Suits covers. Added a few links to the links page. On Peter's advice, changed the font throughout the site to be New York. (Note: this'll only work if you have New York installed, so you PC users are pretty much out of luck until I decide on a font for you)

  • 7 April 99
    Added info about Peter's character development work for a series of RoundTable Pizza commercials. Fixed the release about 'The Bradleys' to reflect Dave Coulson's involvement. Updated the status of the HBO deal.

  • 6 April 99
    Cleanup, mostly. Took out the subject line in all mailto tags (not just for Jayne, but mostly). Converted everything to sentence case (lowercase was getting pretty old pretty quickly). I may have missed some stuff, so let me know if you find any mistakes.

  • 4 April 99
    Happy Easter, monkeys. Been busy? Yeah, me too. Finally added the wicked long Comics Journal interview (thanks to Eric at Fantagraphics for saving me about seven thousand hours of typing). Also added the interview from Comic Buyers Guide, added a news release about The Bradleys, swapped the graphic on the main comics page, moved the 'How to sell out' strip to the gallery, added a different Blanchard strip to the gallery, added a Comical Funnies cover to other comics, added a pic of Peter with Hannah to the bio page (it's a scan of a picture of a scan of a picture in a newspaper, so I won't be blamed for the poor quality), added a bunch of quotes, lengthened the delay on the splash page (so the slow modem crowd still gets to see the whole image. if you can't wait, just click through), added an old FAQ (which still has some useful stuff, but is outdated), and made a bunch of little changes that somebody less anal than me might have just left alone.

  • 2 April 99
    Added a bunch of links to the links page. Updated the about this site page. Removed the lame 'please don't sue me' line from the footer since this site's officially sanctioned by both Peter Bagge and Fantagraphics, and anybody who doesn't like it can kiss my shiny . . .

  • 31 march 99
    Added Jayne's weird-ass questions to the FAQ. Submitted the site to Comic Book Resources, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Excite, and Hotbot. Added mom, pops, Babs, and Jay to the Hate page. Oh, and I added a links page.

  • 30 March 99
    Added the script for the MTV animatic (and some suggestions for the soundtrack), added entries to the bibliography, added the Martini Baton cover to the other comics section, added a link to the interview w/ Peter at Indyworld. removed/moved a few images.

  • 28 March 99
    Loads. Added the first version of the splash page Peter wanted, added three images to the gallery, added new stuff to the music page, removed two interviews (Peter thought they might be repetitive. Let me know if you want to see them), and updated the about this site section.

  • 25 March 99
    Added four interviews to the about Peter Bagge section. check 'em out.

  • 21 March 99
    Official rollout of the site v.1, so pretty much everything's new. Mail me at with ideas/questions/comments.

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